3 Ways to Benefit From Google Search Plus Your World

Google recently released one of the biggest changes to its search engine in a decade.  With the input of only a few characters you will get personalized results based on content from Google+  profiles, posts, photos and business pages.

Google explains,  “We’re transforming Google into a search engine that understands not only content, but also people and relationships.”

3 User Benefits from Google Search Plus Your World

  1. Find People Online – when you start entering characters in a name you will begin to see Google+ results of  people matching your search. You will see results from Google+ profiles that match your search term.  If you’re signed in to your Google account you can easily add them to your circles from your search results or your can delete them and continue reviewing your search results.
  2. Find Content from Your Connections – your Google search results will show content that people in your circles have shared or published.  Results also include personal content and photos that you shared or published.  These results are your personal results and are only seen in your results page.
  3. Find Branded Content  – with the launch of Google+ pages for brands your search now includes content from those pages.  Results can be from the profile and/or the content the brand shares. Good news for brands because the user can immediately add the brand to their circles.  Brands jumping on Google+ will see increased traffic from Google if they properly optimize their profiles and posts.
If you’re not on Google+ you’re probably asking yourself  if you need to be there.  Handshake Media recently addressed this question.  If you’re already on Google+ why don’t you  add The Social Buzz Lab to your circles?  If you’re ready to get started, check out our 10 Simple Steps to Get Started with Google+.
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