Two New Gmail Updates to Enhance Google+ Experience

My email of choice is Gmail and I often recommend Google Apps for our business clients. The main reason I heart gmail is because of the integration it supports in all of the tools I use for management, research and collaboration.  Google recently released a new look for Gmail.

Two Gmail Updates that Integrate Google+

  • There is a new tab on the left sidebar that allows users to sort incoming mail from contacts based on the Google+ circle  they belongs to.  This allows you the ability to sort your email from people from your different circles.
  • google+Now you can add your mail contacts to a Google+ circle straight from Gmail. When you open your email you will see their name on the right side where you can click the “add to circles” button to add the sender to circles of your choice. You can even create new circles from here also! How cool is that?
Gmail integrated with Google+
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