6 Benefits of a Custom Facebook Profile Image

We spend a lot of time and money getting the best company logo designed for our brands. Why don’t you put that same effort into the profile image for your Facebook page?  I recently had a discussion with Anne Clelland, President of Handshake Media, about the benefits of having a custom designed profile image.  She posted it on her Handshake2.0 blog.

Erika Bentley, Graphic Designer for the Social Buzz Lab, does a phenomenal job of designing the image to express your brand. The maximum space allotted by Facebook for the profile image is 180px x 540px. I asked her to describe some of the benefits a business could receive from a custom profile image.
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Benefits of a Custom Facebook Profile Image

  1. Including your contact info like your phone number, address and website helps your fans easily contact you without having to search for it.
  2. Adding a tagline or short description tells visitors more about your business and helps them determine if they want to “LIKE” your page.
  3. Displaying a list of your services can turn a fan into a client.
  4. Showing images of a few products is like a mini portfolio.
  5. Inserting your picture gives a warm friendly feeling and makes you more transparent.
  6. Advertising your event provides better exposure and greater attendance.
Do you have any other ideas to add to Erika’s list?  What makes your Facebook profile image BUZZ?  If you can’t answer then maybe you should attend our Handzon Workshop where every attendee will receive a custom designed profile image by Erika Bentley, similar to ones displayed. Details on the workshop below.


The Social BUZZ Lab is sponsoring an intensive hands-on Building BUZZ with Your Facebook Page Workshop on Thursday, October 26, 2010 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the New River Valley.  Included in the $199 fee is a professionally designed profile image by Erika Bentley, for the attendee’s business Facebook page. John Lusher, will share tips and strategies for building relationships and getting people to engage and comment on your posts. Limited seating! Register NOW!


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