4 Reasons to Feature Facebook Page Owners

Facebook Page OwnersThe recent upgrade to Facebook pages has provided opportunities for companies to strengthen their brand. Unfortunately most have not taken advantage of one of the coolest new features… the opportunity to identify the person behind the page.

Stop Hiding Behind Your Logo

Successful social media strategies include having a transparent  presence. What does being transparent mean?  Of course being authentic and honest is extremely important but also knowing “who”(page administrator) instead of “what” (brand or company) is a major part social media transparency.

The new optional Featured Page Owners can now display the page administrators with links to their personal profiles on the left side of the business page.  So why use this new feature… it’s all about the relationship!!

  1. seeing a smiling face is engaging
  2. you have uncovered the “WHO”  a huge step in becoming transparent
  3. a person can be honest and authentic, hard to create a relationship with a logo
  4. gratitude is more sincere when recipient can identify who it is from


Below is a graphic showing how to Feature the page owners on your page.

How to show Facebook page owners

Maintaining Your Privacy

The biggest opposition to this feature is the need to keep your personal profile private. You can accomplish this by choosing the proper privacy settings to control what information non-friends can see.

How do you feel about this new feature?  Do you display your page owners?  I think this is probably a controversial topic, I would love to hear your thoughts!!


  1. very well written article and very helpful, thank you for sharing!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Raquel, thank you very much. I think it is important for those who want to grasp social media understand transparency.

  2. Excellent article Patsy and sharing it!!

  3. I absolutely agree with you Patsy.

  4. You have raised a very good point, Patsy! It’s true that many companies behave in a very formal manner on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. While many site owners or administrators are not comfortable with sharing their ‘personal’ identity, it is important for ‘fans’ to have a direct link. They might want to ask a question, make a suggestion and often the only way to do it is via posting on the wall.

    Good article!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Thanks Tomas! Yes, transparency is key to social media success. You are right that fans need to have a direct link or at least know how to contact the owner. Thanks again for your comment!!

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