Who rules the social media house?


Content is King but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house!

The king gets all the glory but the queen is his right hand woman.  She tends to move the strings behind the scenes and not really noticing her that much.  Without her the king would just fall apart.  Like Mari Smith said: “Content is King but engagement is Queen and the lady rules the house.”  Just having a website and presence online doesn’t make you a successful business.  You can have the best content but if you don’t create a conversation then it is hard to make it online.  The point of social media is in the name its self- Social.  In order to generate response you have to be social with others. It is a real life conversation and you need to create that spark to establish a bond with that person.  Seek your audiences’ interests and start the conversation.

Think of great engagement like going to a networking event.   Many of businesses get their booths together and put on the best professional display.   Each table is filled with all kinds of images, brochures, business cards, and even a PowerPoint presentation.   You staff your table with an employee who could care less and is so glued to their phone they can’t seem to look up.  So while everyone is walking around to see the cool free stuff you are offering, they are gaining bits of information your company has to offer.  Your table is great but the engagement is not there, so how are people going to get your message if there is none?  Now put someone who is passionate about that booth and see what happens.  This person will create a great conversation and draw people to your brand.  Your audience will become big fans or at least consider you when they do business.  ­


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