How Chiropractors Can Leverage Social Media

Recently I was asked to speak to a group of Chiropractors about using social media for their practice. Each time I speak to a niche group, I research to find out how the industry is using social media so I can provide real examples of uses.

I found some Chiropractors and Wellness Centers that are using Facebook and Twitter. Most are not consistent with their posts and very little engagement, but they are taking small steps. I also found there were a lot of videos on Youtube and a few blogs from Chiropractors. Below is my presentation uploaded on Slideshare.

The main thing I noticed as I went through each social network was the lack of branding. Most of the Chiropractic organizations did not carry a consistent brand across the networks.  Their contact info was not easily visible and at best there may be a logo. I know marketing is not at the top of their lists but it should be.  The have a very small staff and even a smaller marketing budget.  There are some simple steps to integrate social media.  Here are 23 ways to integrate social media with traditional marketing.

If you are a chiropractor or know of a practice that is creating some great social media buzz, tell us what you are doing in the comments.


  1. Great info Patsy. Social Media has become a huge part of my marketing.

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Thank you Dr.Lauria! I have been noticing the things you are doing with Youtube and Facebook. Great job, keep it going!

  2. Great program. Was glad to be a part of it. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the program Dr. Thompson! The next workshop will be hands on and you will take away tips and strategies that will continue to build relationships and engage on Facebook. Thanks to Sleep Essentials for putting these workshops together!!

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