Mastering the Art of Engaging to Build Relationships

Through the power of networking and social media I have met many wonderful industry professionals, each having their own twist on Social Media .

This is a previously published post by Vicki Elam, Social Media Manager at Elam Virtual Office, LLC.  She is the Project Manager of Positive Dynamic Women. Vicki walks the walk and talks the talk. She understands how to be engaging and is a true relationship builder.

Social Media-The Art of Engaging

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This is one of my favorite topics on Facebook. I’ve ranted about it many times and still I’m amazed that a lot of people do not get it. There is an art to engaging in social media. Its not about your products or services, its about building relationships. Whether its online or offline networking, its all about interaction.

Most people don’t realize they send out a message about themselves when they post on social media sites. Do you go the extra mile to engage with your friends OR are you all about spamming your biz opp, products or services? I see it happen every day and will typically unfriend a person who does this.

Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to your online friends. Isn’t that the reason you connected with them, ask yourself that question? Remember, actions speak louder than words and your actions speak VOLUMES in social media!

So grab a cup of your favorite java or a glass of wine and reach out and Engage!


Vicki Elam
Social Media Manager
Elam Virtual Office, LLC.

Connect with Vicki Elam on Facebook and Twitter.


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