6 Topics for Video Success in Your Business

You’ve heard about it but are you doing it?  Doing what you say…  using video as a part of your social marketing strategy!  We consistently suggest to our clients to use video.  With today’s technology you can easily create a video yourself using your smart phone, a tablet or a flip video camera. Other times you may want to hire a professional videographer to capture those special moments.

Here are 6 great topics you can capture on video.

  1. Tutorial or How-to
  2. Product or Service Review
  3. Client Testimonial
  4. Welcome to Website or Blog
  5. Screencast
  6. Interview
Here’s an example of a Client Testimonial. John Lusher interviewed Jennifer Bell of JMS Builders, after the Social Buzz Lab Fall Line-up “Rules of Engagement” Lunch & Learn Seminar.

How long should your video be?
How and where do I upload my video?
Can I edit my video?
How can my video become viral?
Get the answers to these questions and more at the next Fall Line-up Lunch & Learn seminar, America’s Funniest Videos, November 9, 2011, at The Creekmore Law Firm.  Sean Kotz, documentary film maker (Hokie Nation) and commercial video producer, Executive Producer and co-owner at Horse Archer Productions, will join us in our presentation to provide helpful tips and answer some of your questions regarding video for your business.

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