Gary Vaynerchuk and a Cultural Shift

Even though a few weeks have passed since Gary Vaynerchuk was at Virginia Tech, it amazes me how often I still think about his presentation and recall one of his memorable nuggets.  I’m thankful for the opportunity I had to see him and I applaud the tenacity of Virginia Tech Professor John Boyer and all of the efforts he used to bring GaryVee to Burris Hall on April 27.

We filled a truck load of social media enthusiasts from Roanoke and headed to Blacksburg. Gary was everything we expected him to be. Despite the swearing, we were educated as well as entertained by his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for the consumer.  Vaynerchuk shared his family history of how they arrived in the US as Russian Immigrants, how at the age of 5 years old he was destined to become an entrepreneur and how he turned the family Wine business from a $3 million business to a $60 million business using the internet and social media.

I asked members of the group attending the event if they would share some of their most memorable thoughts expressed by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Memorable Nuggets from Gary Vaynerchuk at Virginia Tech

  • Donna Dilley, Business Etiquette-National League of Junior Cotillions
    The entrepreneurial spirit surfaced in Gary Vaynerchuk at a very early age as he analyzed where people directed their eyes at traffic intersections in Edison, NJ.  Once he figured this out, he knew where to place his lemonade stand signs.
    PUSH selling no longer works in today’s economic environment.  You have to engage and build relationships with people over time.
  • Bonnie Cranmer, New Media Strategist-New Media Strategy Team
    Gary has a strong marketing sense that allows him to see things before others do. He can understand and articulate the importance of subtle and dramatic changes in the marketplace then implement the necessary structure to change direction or strategy. He is a genuine, focused and driven individual who chooses to live his professional life out loud… or as Gary would say, he “brings the THUNDER.”
  • Raquel Rothe, Owner-Sleep EZ Diagnostic Center
    The fact that what we learn today will be old in 6 months as the marketing platforms are so quickly changing.
    You can be 5yrs young-30yrs old and be an entrepreneur. He drove home the fact that regardless of the industry, you have to have PASSION.
  • John Lusher, Social Media Consultant-John Lusher Consulting
    This is the biggest societal shift we have ever seen. I think this quote is the meat of his entire presentation; and I believe “some” still do not realize.  It is not about “loving social media” it is about how this is changing our lives.
    Traditional methods of pushing information to us does not work anymore.  Businesses have still failed to realize this. Execution is key.
  • Patsy Stewart, Social Media Practitioner-Social Buzz Lab
    We are witnessing a major cultural shift driven by social media. Content is King.
    Marketing is Queen and she runs the house.But more important than content is CONTEXT.
    Social media campaigns are like a one night stand. To win you have to marry your customer.
    The Internet has given consumers back their voice. It’s just hitting the social part of its life.

To learn more about Gary Vaynerchuk be sure to pick up a copy of The Thank You Economy.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your GaryVee experience with your peeps! The nuggets of wisdom will go along way in helping us engage our clients and also reminds us that ‘pulling’ requires more effort on our part and certainly more ingenuity! I have read his books, and I’m ready to take it to the next level. 🙂 Again, thanks for sharing!!!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Thank you!! Suzanne, glad we can share info that can help us all build our businesses. There is truly a thin line between those who get it and those who don’t and Suzanne you understand how to treat your customers! ! I’m so glad Gary Vee shared his vision with us through the book, The Thank You Economy! Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Gary Vaynerchuk event with The Social Buzz Lab!
    Best wishes,
    Donna Dilley

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Thank you Donna for sharing your nuggets and thanks for joining us for dinner and the event!! It was truly a life changing event for me and I look forward to applying some of his strategies in my business!!

  3. I love it, this thing called “social media”. I’m a Baby Boomer and intrigued by all of this hype about conversations on the Internet. It’ nothing new…it’s just a different place that this conversation takes place and it’s more effective because of the wide reach that it now has. Back in the day…boy, don’t ya love that? Back in the day, this conversation, this word of mouth advertising took place over the backyard fence, at the local social, during work breaks or lunch, and during the bowling leagues. Today, it happens everywhere and at anytime. It’s real time and real effective as your conversation can spread like wild fire. Not getting on board with this “social media thing” will be the downfall of any business. But, misusing it could be equally as detrimental. So, in the end, I am having fun with it and enjoying the freedom that “social media” gives me to market and brand me and my business. Even as a Baby Boomer, I am embracing the constant changes that are happening around me and within me, because I am now part of that change.

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Mike you are right on!! We have been doing it in a natural way and now businesses need to stop the push and start building those relationships!! If they don’t jump on the band wagon and educate their customer service marketing departments they will fail in this new culture!! BTW, Love the fact that you have chosen a niche market!! Thanks for your comment Mike!!

  4. Patsy,
    Love this synopsis of Gary’s talk! I added a link to your post on my site today: Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk Visits Virginia Tech (

    Tonight, John Boyer, (aka @plaidavenger) who brought Gary to Tech is my guest on #CampusChat. We’ll be chatting on Twitter about everything from using social media in teaching to world politics to unconventional teaching. Hope you can join us — it’s a 9PM ET #CampusChat!
    – Kelly

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