Hell Hath No Fury as a Driven Woman with Technology

Judy MickI have created some wonderful relationships as a result of our Roanoke  Meetup 2.0 Networking Group.  We talk about social media and share tips and strategies to help each other.  About a year ago I met Judy Mick, blogger, entrepreneur, author and an avid runner.  She still ceases to amaze me with her drive and commitment.  We laugh because we are both crazy over technology and every time something new comes out it’s a game to see who gets it first.  Judy usually wins and that’s why I asked her to share this post on technology.

Creating BUZZ with Social Media and Technology

There are 2 things that business owners need to drive customers to their business.  They need to use Social Media to get the word out about their business and they need to use new technology to get this done.

Creating Buzz drives customers to you.  And, in today’s hectic world, you need to have a message that’s short and sweet.  The best way to do this is through the use of Social Media.  I love Social Media!

With Social Media, I can tweet about my business – any specials that I may be running, new merchandise that’s come in, sales, etc.  If you have a few friends that will re-tweet your message – you can see just how many people could see your message.

Facebook is another wonderful use of Social Media.  In addition to talking about your business and products with a personal posting, you can have a business page for your business.  This page can show your location, hours of operation, in addition to things that you’re also tweeting about.

Being a busy entrepreneur, I don’t always have the luxury of being at my computer.  This is where technology comes in.  You need to be accessible to your customers.  I’m a firm believer in great customer service.  If I have a customer that e-mails me a question, I try to get an answer to them as soon as possible.  When I get an order, I want to set a thank you note to them quickly.

Technology helps me do this.  My smartphone is like an appendage to me.  I can see when orders come in and when customers have a question.  And I can use it to answer them.  You can also tweet and update Facebook from your phone.

My new Xoom Tablet is also going to be a great tool to keep me on top of my business.  When I’m on the road, it’s not always convenient to pull out a laptop to work on.  A tablet can keep me productive – while I let my husband drive!

Creating Buzz about your business – creates customers for your business.  The use of Social Media and Technology makes it a lot easier!

Judy Mick is a wife, avid runner, blogger, author, entrepreneur, positive thinker and lover of life! Follow her exploits on her blogs at www.judy-mick.com and www.thestreakingrunner.com.

Her ecommerce sites are www.jjm-marketing.com and www.fashionjewelrybyjudy.com

Follow her on Twitter – www.twitter.com/JudyMick
Find her on Facebook – www.facebook.com/jjmick



  1. Patsy,
    It was a blast doing this for you! Thanks for the kind words! And, it’s been a pleasure to have gotten to know you this past year! Geeks together!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Judy I am always so inspired by your commitment and drive! Thanks for writing this! It was a pleasure to have you as my guest blogger! We are kind of Geeky but I like it!!

  2. Great video Judy, as typical you are a natural! Yes ladies, I love technology and Judy and I try to stay in step together-she keeps me on my edge. Patsy you are such an inspiration to us all, you keep the BUZZ happening!

    • Patsy Stewart says:

      Thanks Raquel! Isn’t it great!! We all inspire each other! That is proof that our alliance is strong!

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